Free 60 Day Returns

At Iris & Mill, we understand that some consumers may feel hesitant or uncomfortable when it comes to buying jewelry online (especially wedding or engagement rings). Our mission is to give customers complete peace of mind when purchasing from our online store.

With over 75 years of experience, we take great pride in our jewelry craftsmanship and hold ourselves to exceptional standards. That’s why we’re proud to offer to our customers:

Free 60 Day Returns

If you are not completely satisfied with our purchase, you may return your jewelry to us within 60 days of the shipment date to receive a full refund (or exchange, see below). Returned items must be in their original, unworn condition, and must include the original documentation (i.e. diamond certificates).

Items that are not eligible for Free 60 Day Returns are:

  • Jewelry that has been modified by someone other than Iris & Mill
  • Items that have personalized engraving
  • Items that have been previously exchanged or resized
  • Jewelry that has been clearly worn or damaged

Free 60 Day Exchanges

We also give our customers the option to exchange their items instead of receiving a full refund (for eligible items). Additional costs may apply if the value of the exchange is higher than the original purchase price or a credit may be issued if the value is lower than the original purchase price.

For Engagement, Wedding, and Fashion Rings:

Not all rings can be resized (such as milgrain or eternity rings). In cases where exchanges are requested for rings that have not previously been resized, are unworn, not personally engraved, and cannot be resized; Iris & Mill will exchange your current style ring for the correct size or for a different style (may come at an additional cost if metal or carat weight if altered).

Free 12-month Resizes

At Iris & Mill, we offer one of the most flexible resizing policies in the industry. For most engagement rings and wedding rings, we’re proud to provide our customers with one complimentary resizing for the first year (from the purchase date).

Why do we do this? We want our customers to feel completely safe when buying their wedding or engagement rings from us. Remember, the average purchase date for an engagement ring prior to the actual proposal is 60 days! Many online retailers will only offer 60 day resizing policies, but that seems like a pretty tight window if you ask us.

How To Return Your Purchase

  1. Obtain your return merchandise authorization (RMA) number: Contact our customer service department at to receive your RMA and request your FedEx free return shipping label. Your RMA number must be written on either the outside of the box or the shipping label.
  2. Properly prepare your shipment: All original documentation must be included in your return shipment (which will usually include the packing slip/invoice and all diamond certificates). Lost diamond certificates or otherwise not returned, are subject to a $200 replacement fee that will be deducted from your final refund.
  3. Properly pack your return shipment: If using our complimentary UPS return shipping label, the shipment will be insured, but in order for the insurance to be valid the item has to be packed a certain way. Our insurance requires shipments to be double-boxed (meaning a shipping box within a shipping box, and not just the display packaging within a shipping box). We recommend using the original shipping materials, but if you are unable to do so then please include your items within a small shipping box to then be included in a medium or large box. Please affix your shipping label to the outside of the outer most box. We HIGHLY recommend dropping your shipment off at your nearest UPS shipping location. Iris & Mill and UPS are not responsible for return that are dropped off in a UPS Drop Box or non-UPS staffed ship location (such as Walgreens). Please obtain a UPS receipt to confirm shipment and to act as proof of insurance.

Note: If you choose to utilize a different shipping method or carrier, then you will be solely responsible for all shipping charges and insurance (which we highly recommend). We are not responsible for loss or damage for these shipments.

Our Refund Process

After we receive your return shipment, our quality control department will perform a detailed inspection of the item. Please allow up to five business days after the item reaches us for us to perform our inspection and submit the appropriate refund amount. Refunds are issued via the payment method used for the original purchase. Credit card refunds may take up to one billing cycle to appear on statements.

RMA numbers are active for 10 days after issue. Please contact our customer service department for outside this window to receive a new authorization number.

Items received that do not meet our requirements (such as personally engraved, clearly worn, or altered jewelry) will not be eligible for a refund.

For further assistance regarding the return procedure, please contact us at