Free Lifetime Warranty

Free Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty

As part of our commitment to our customers, we’re proud to offer a Free Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty at Iris & Mill. We stand behind the craftmanship of our jewelry and guarantee to provide lifetime protection against manufacturing defects. If you believe an item has a manufacturing defect, you may return it to us for inspection. If upon inspection, we deem that an item does in fact suffer from a defect, then Iris & Mill will either repair or replace the item free of charge.

Our free lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects applies to all Iris & Mill crafted jewelry with the exception of antique, vintage, or natural stone jewelry.

How’s It Work?

To initiate a warranty claim, first contact our customer service department at A $50 deposit is required prior to sending the jewelry in for inspection. The deposit covers the cost of inspection and shipping costs to determine if damage is warranty eligible (this is refunded in full for approved warranty claims). If the jewelry requires repairs that are NOT covered under our lifetime warranty, then a price will be quoted and sent to you for approval before any work is performed. If you choose to proceed with non-warranty repairs, your deposit amount will be credited towards the repairs. If decided that repairs are not performed, then the jewelry will be sent back to the customer and the initial deposit will be used to cover the return shipping costs.

Conditions and Exclusions

While it’s true that diamonds are forever (at least in terms of a human timescale), jewelry is susceptible to wear and tear over time (especially rings). Our warranty does not include coverage for normal wear and tear, lost gemstones, product loss, or theft. Excludes negligence, or further damage or loss caused by suspected need of repairs but no contact was made to Iris & Mill.

Examples of issues that would NOT fall under warranty:

  • Metal discoloration
  • Prong deterioration over time
  • Prongs bending, catching, wearing down. This is especially true for rings, as they are worn on our hands nearly every day (if it’s wedding/engagement).
  • Loss of gemstone caused by damage from everyday wear or non-warranty factors