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How to find your ring size

You've found the perfect ring for you and your loved one, so let's make sure it's the perfect fit! Let's take a look at some helpful tips on ring sizing and how you can find your ring size without ever leaving the home.

before you start measuring..

Helpful hints for ring sizing

Time of day can affect your ring measurement: Our finger size can fluctuate throughout the day. The best time to measure is either first thing in the morning or at the end of the day.

Body temperature can affect finger size: Our fingers can expand when they're hold and shrink when they're cold. Make sure your fingers are at a normal body temperature before measuring.

Dominant hands are larger: Make sure to measure the proper finger on the correct hand!

Don't forget about the knuckle! Since our knuckles are bigger than the rest of the finger, it's important to knuckle size into account. Choose a size that fits over the knuckle but isn't too loose. Try taking two measurements and choosing the size in between 

Wider bands have a tighter fit: Consider choosing one size larger for wider band rings 

Unsure of size? Stick with standard: If you don't know your loved one's ring size, selecting a standard size is your best option. For women, the average ring size is 6 - 6.5. For men, the average ring size is 9 - 10.

how to find your partner's ring size without them knowing

Borrow a ring: Try borrowing one of your partner's existing rings, but be subtle! You can take this ring to a jeweler who can determine a ring size, even if the borrowed ring is worn on a different finger (just make note of what finger it's worn on). 

Team up! Asking a friend or roommate of your partner can be a great strategy for finding an accurate ring size and pulling off the perfect surprise.

Trace an existing ring: If you're unable to "borrow" one of your partner's rings (or perhaps a little nervous!), try taking one of their existing rings and tracing an outline of the inside of the ring on a piece of paper. A jewelry specialist at Iris & Mill can determine the proper size from the diameter of your trace! You can also check out our ring size conversion chart.  

Compare with your fingers: If borrowing a ring or tracing one is not an option, try putting on one of your partners rings and measuring YOUR corresponding finger or comparing finger size while holding your partner's hand. This is probably the least accurate method, but some information is better than none!

Common ring sizing questions

How is a ring resized? and does it alter the appearance?

When a ring is resized, small amounts of (matching) metal are added or removed based on the current size and the new requested size. 

The only changes, from an aesthetic standpoint, are that the ring MAY be slightly thinner or thicker after a resize. The good news is that these changes are virtually non-existent to the naked eye.

At Iris & Mill, our family business has been crafting fine jewelry and rings for over 75 years. With our experience and strict quality standards, you can rest assured that any resized ring will be returned with the same original stunning brilliance. Each ring is polished and cleaned after a resize before it is returned to you.

What if i order the wrong ring size?

You received your ring and it doesn't quite fit the way you want it to, so what now? Don't sweat!

At Iris & Mill, we'll resize your ring for you, free of charge, up to one year after purchase! We'll even cover the return shipping cost.

can all rings be resized?

Not every ring that we carry can be resized after it is created. Certain designs, such as milgrain or eternity rings, and alternative metal rings (like tungsten or silver) cannot be resized.

No need to worry, however, as Iris & Mill offers free exchanges within 60 days. We can exchange your current style ring for the correct size or for a different style. Just remember that this may come with an additional cost if metal weight or carat weight is altered (or if a different style is chosen).