Iris & Mill Diamond Upgrade Program

Our mission is to offer a lifetime of commitment to our customers. As part of the promise, we’re proud to offer a lifetime diamond upgrade program for natural colorless diamonds or gemstones mounted in any wedding ring, engagement ring, or stud earrings purchased from Iris & Mill.

How It Works

If you wish to upgrade a mounted gemstone, eligible gemstones will be accepted as a “trade in” by Iris & Mill and a credit will be given (equal the fair market value of the gemstone) to be used towards the purchase of any gemstone of greater value.

Upgrade Guidelines

  • The original loose diamond or gemstone included jewelry piece must have been purchased from Iris & Mill.
  • The credit can be used towards any gemstone as long as it’s greater in value (even if it’s just by $1)
  • The credit can be used towards MULTIPLE diamonds, as long as it’s in one transaction and the combined value is greater than the credit (value of the loose gemstone)
  • The original gemstone must be in its original condition (undamaged) and include the grading report

What’s The Process?

To initiate a diamond upgrade request, please contact one of our consultants at The consultant will work with you to determine what type of upgrade your looking for and answer any questions you may have about the process or the program.


Let’s say you’re looking to surprise your loved one with a center stone upgrade on their engagement ring.

Our jewelry consultants determine that the fair market value of your center stone is $1000. You're interested in upgrading to a center stone with a retail price of $2000. The $1000 will be applied as a credit towards the new center stone ($2000 retail value) and the amount that you would owe/spend would be $1000 ($2000 new center stone - $1000 credit).

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I trade in jewelry that wasn’t purchased from Iris & Mill?

- At this time, we aren't accepting trade-ins from jewelry not purchased from us directly.

What if I’m switching from a diamond to a sapphire or ruby?

- As long as the upgraded gemstone or gemstones is greater in value than your trade-in (or credit), then it will apply under our program.

Can I upgrade my gemstone stud earrings too?

- Yes, we can set an upgraded gemstone in most stud earring styles. 

Are there any additional fees that apply for the program such as shipping costs?

- The only additional fees that apply under the program are shipping and return costs. There is no charge for labor or new settings (if necessary).

Do I need to send the entire ring or earring to you?

- Yes, we will need the entire ring or set of earrings sent to us (please don't try to remove gemstones on your own!). Our master jewelers will remove the old gemstone, determine if a new setting is needed (which depends on the size of the upgrade), mount the new gemstone in the setting, and finally polish/clean the jewelry before it is sent back out to you.

What happens if the original setting can’t be used?

- If your original setting can't be used for the upgraded gemstone, we will replace and remount the setting for no additional cost!

How do I get my ring to you?

- After you've contacted one of our jewelry consultants to determine eligibility for the upgrade program, we will send a prepaid insured label with packing instructions. The cost inbound and outbound shipping will be added to your final value total.